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As for practically all terriers whose origins are linked to the land of Scotland, the “Westy” should also descend from the Cairn Terrier. Unlike its “cousins”, this breed is only allowed in white. No spots, no shades, no stripes. Just a cloud of white hairs.

It seems that who set so rigorously the all-white standard for the Westie, was none other than Colonel Malcolm, who probably wanted the dog to be better distinguished during hunts, to avoid unpleasant incidents.

The West Highland White Terrier is an extremely lively and vivacious dog, almost always active and cheerful. One of its main characteristics is that of being very brave, sometimes too much so: its impulsiveness leads it to be reckless and not afraid of confrontation, even when it would have reason to do so.

Therefore, you should be careful and keep him away from dogs much bigger and more dangerous than him, because basically he will not stop at a direct confrontation. In short, between the brave, the reckless and the reckless the step is short.

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The West Highland white terrier is a breed of dog that originated in the West Highlands of Scotland. In fact, the literal translation of its name is West Highland white terrier. It is a dog known for its personality and bright white color. Admirers of this breed often call it Westie. It is friendly and even-tempered, as long as it is properly socialized. Like most terriers, they are energetic and courageous by nature.

Thus, the main promoter of this breed is considered to be Colonel Edward Donald Malcolm, who counted rabbit hunting among his greatest hobbies, and who originated the WHWT breed during the 19th century. Other sources, however, support the theory that it was one of the leaders of the Clan Campbell, the 8th Duke of Argyll, who created the breed.

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Our White Whiskers kennel is a family kennel, born out of the love and devotion we have for the West Highland White Terrier breed. All my dogs live with me as my pets and each breeding is carefully planned with the objective of contributing to the improvement of this magnificent breed.

This form of breeding in which the growth of each puppy is followed so closely allows us to know each one of them and evaluate their particular characteristics, in this way we can advise each new family on which baby is best suited to their lifestyle.

Because your trust is our commitment, we advise you on the purchase of your puppy even before you decide for us.    You can count on us. If you have any doubts, keep asking us before you buy.

Because not everything is beauty in the westy. We keep the puppies with their mother until they are at least 2 months old. The puppies receive periodic deworming, visit the vet at least twice before delivery, and prior to the first vaccination is performed a coproparasitological analysis to ensure the total absence of parasites. They are delivered with chip and pedigree certificate issued by the Kennel Club of Chile, after a thorough review.

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