“ghosts of the day” at the gayarre theater.

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1973 manolo escobar in the discotheque long play

The 1938 City Hall Report states that a new school group was being built in the Ensanche. “It has 12 classrooms, dining room, gymnasium, sanitary service, two frontons, school field, in which a gardening installation and fountains are made”. The classrooms, the text continued, were “totally hygienic” and had “spacious playgrounds and abundant light for classes”. “The center is very symmetrical. It is perfectly clear that it was divided for boys and girls,” says the head of studies and piano teacher, Mercedes Armendáriz Navarro.

THE KEYS1 A traditionalist politician. Juan Vázquez de Mella was an Asturian politician who was a member of Congress for the districts of Aoiz, Estella and Pamplona between 1893 and 1916. A member of the Carlist party, he was a writer and philosopher. The central ideas of his thought were tradition, monarchy, foralism, the family, the municipality and the region.

a cinema concert

The center will hold this Friday, January 30, an open day to explain the details of the new program to those interested. The session will take place at the school’s facilities, located on Calle de los Teobaldos in Pamplona’s Segundo Ensanche, starting at 5 pm.

In addition, the school has signed an agreement with the Ópera de Cámara de Navarra (OCN) whereby its students receive master classes from the performers of the operas produced by OCN, attend rehearsals and can participate in some of the productions.

The center is housed in a listed building dating from 1936, located on Calle de los Teobaldos in Pamplona’s Segundo Ensanche, designed by the architect Serapio Huici and owned by the Pamplona City Council. There are currently about 250 students enrolled and 27 teachers. Its director is Maribel Jiménez.

essay the arabian princess (vázquez de mella school)

Located in the heart of Madrid, one of its main objectives is to provide its students with a cultural background that will allow them easy access to the University, while making their school years as pleasant as possible. Experienced teaching staff and a strong emphasis on languages.

At Elian’s British School our objective is excellence in English for all our students. This goal goes hand in hand with our desire to foster their self-confidence, their individual talents and their ability to cooperate in an international environment.

Our program is based on active learning. While the students are the protagonists, the motivation, training and dedication of everyone involved in the center has been and continues to be fundamental. We prepare people to grow up being responsible and integral.

Colegio Alba: A cutting-edge educational project, Comprehensive Education and Personalized Attention for each student, Values as the pillars of a good coexistence, Commitment to pedagogical and technological innovation, A team of committed professionals in continuous training, High Level of Languages.