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View product on Amazon With this food processor you can greatly simplify the process in the kitchen, as it will chop for you, knead, grind and much more. You will be able to prepare everything from meats, rice, to stir-fries and desserts. This model offers a cooking range from 40° to 120°, has 10 speeds and a maximum capacity of 2 liters, enough for up to 8 diners.with the purchase of the Taurus Mycook Touch you will get a physical recipe book of 250 recipes. Among the accessories included in this appliance you will find a steamer, a mixing paddle, a spatula, a measuring cup and a strainer basket. You can purchase this food processor for a price of approximately 480 €. Taurus Mycook Touch Black Edition

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Although it is quite a significant difference, the advantage of these robots is to reduce the effort and time when cooking. Either by cleaning or by the time you gain cooking. In this case, we will talk about food processors.

The two models we compare today, the Thermomix M6 and the Taurus My Cook Touch, are the best we have found. If you are interested in what you have read so far just keep reading this Taurus Mycook Touch vs Thermomix comparison.

You can also find its “vacuum” system, making you an expert at cooking meat or fish. The method used by this robot is the “resistance” heating method. In addition, you can ferment and prepare your homemade probiotic yogurt with this method. Its price is the highest in the market, although we must qualify, since the other model that we will analyze varies its price very often.

The Thermomix has a pre-wash system, so you can dedicate more time to what you like and become an expert in the kitchen in a very easy way. To this, you can add the rice cooking system and the “thickening” program. You can prepare delicious, creamy and sophisticated sauces, such as hollandaise or bearnaise, without complications and with a guarantee of success!

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Como podemos ver, MyCook es aproximadamente 200 euros más barato que TMX. Aquí reflejamos los precios oficiales, aunque por supuesto ambas marcas harán sus ofertas para atraer a más compradores. Aunque MyCook puede reducir su precio en determinadas épocas del año, Thermomix puede dar al cliente opciones como financiación sin intereses, libros de recetas, bolsas de transporte o 2 vasos por el precio de uno.

El método de cocción es una de las mayores diferencias entre ambos robots. En este punto, MyCook ha conseguido superar a Thermomix ya que su método de calentamiento es por inducción, un método más moderno y rápido, con una temperatura que oscila entre los 40º y los 120º. Sin embargo, Thermomix calienta a través de resistencias, un método más tradicional y lento y cuya temperatura oscila entre los 37º y los 100º. Por lo tanto, podemos decir que MC calienta unos 2-4 minutos más rápido que TMX, siempre dependiendo de la cantidad de contenido a calentar.

Analizando las oscilaciones de temperatura vemos que como punto positivo Thermomix toma 37º, una temperatura muy útil para batir claras y esponjar huevos, así como para hacer masas. Sin embargo, MyCook alcanza los 120º, una temperatura perfecta para sofreír, cuando Thermomix no es capaz de superar los 100º.

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If you are here is because you are looking for the best alternatives to the Thermomix, the most famous food processor, but also the most expensive. Are you surprised if I tell you that in the market there are cheaper and better options than the Thermomix? Since you are going to make an important investment of money, how about if we see which food processor is the most similar to the Thermomix or even better in this 2021.

I, to be honest, I would not pay 1300 € for a Thermomix TM6, when you have a very similar model like the Taurus MyCook Touch for half the price, and on top of that I can download the recipes I want without paying subscription. And yes, it is true, it does not have vacuum packaging function, but paying 600 € more to have vacuum packaging seems exaggerated to me.

The Taurus Mycook Touch is one of the best food processors on the market, as well as one of the most complete. It is a smart food processor with WiFi connection that can be used from your smartphone or cell phone. In this way, we can download recipes or share ours totally free, unlike Thermomix that you have to pay an annual subscription.