Manual mincer

The mincer el corte ingles has been a product that as time has passed has been created in each and every aspect to meet the demands of buyers and their demands on a daily basis. By the extension of the market new brands have been seen that have to vary in many aspects such as quality, cost and other services available on the website thus defining their cost of acquisition.

The best product in the category chopper el corte ingles was the product Moulinex AD5601 – Picadora la moulinette 800 w, chop, mix and cut, System 1-2-3 quick use, stainless steel blade, white and red color of the brand Moulinex. You can buy the model on Amazon at an affordable price. Our recommendation: make a quick comparison of the costs already before ordering something online. In addition to this, it is important that you carefully re-read the product reviews and evaluations.

10. Aigostar Keen – Electric food chopper, 500W, 1.8L, 4 blades. Stainless steel, 2 speeds. Multifunction chopper: meat, fruit, vegetables, nuts, cheese, puree etc. BPA free

Meat mincer

A classic of homemade sauces that we can use not only to combine with pasta. The pesto made by ourselves has nothing to do with the supermarket versions, and also with the robot we can easily adjust the texture and ingredients to our taste.

The crushed cookie base is a baking classic, especially for the typical cheesecake. Crushing them and combining them with butter does not cost anything with a good food processor, and we could also make a shortcrust pastry base with cold butter in the same way. The pie filling can also be prepared with these robots very easily.

The processors also mince meat, giving us the possibility to prepare our own mixture to make meatballs or hamburgers. For this classic recipe, we can adjust the texture of the veal first, and then prepare the entire dough in the same robot.

Few recipes are as delicious as this very healthy and simple vegan banana ice cream. The key is to freeze the fruit and mash it directly with the peanut butter, a fundamental step that thanks to a good processor is a matter of pressing a button.

Moulinex mincer

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El corte ingles aeroccino nespresso

Pizza lovers have their van: Deligotessen. In this old riot police van in Paris, they prepare eight pizzas with products brought directly from Italy, with a dough that has fermented for 48 hours and that come out of the oven crispy and firm.

El Corte Inglés did not want to miss the occasion (playing at home) and has planted its food truck with the most tempting claims, which justify its name: The gourmet club. Tapeo de campanillas: oysters, champagne, Iberian acorn-fed ham and smoked salmon montadito, Greek yogurt cream and truffled honey and cans ….

For dessert, homemade ice cream, waffles and crepes from The Fabulous Luigis Ice Cream, which has locations on the streets of Dante, Urgell and Paseo de Fabra i Puig (next week). In what was a former military vehicle of the U.S. Army base in Rota.