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    Comprar gato british shorthair

    británico del rey

    La selección ha reforzado los volúmenes para darle un aspecto robusto. Así encontramos una gran cabeza redonda; nariz recta, corta y ancha y grandes mejillas que le dan un aspecto afelpado. Los grandes ojos, separados y redondos, son de colores intensos, acordes con el manto. Las orejas son pequeñas y están separadas entre sí. La cola es ancha en la base y se va estrechando hasta la punta, que es redondeada.

    El británico es un gato muy sociable al que le encantan las caricias y los mimos. Es dependiente de sus dueños, que siguen buscando atención y juegos. Aunque, como todos los gatos, también les gusta la vida tranquila y contemplativa, observando a su alrededor. Su carácter social hace que se lleven muy bien con otros gatos e incluso su relación con los perros también puede ser buena.

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    Because of its main color, long ago it was known as the British Blue cat because only British Shorthair cats were seen in that color, but now it can occur in many different colors and patterns: white, black, blue, cream, cinnamon, red (gold) and chocolate. The patterns of these English cats are various: tabby, tortoiseshell, tabby and bicolor (one color plus white).

    This combination of being a sedentary cat that likes to eat so as a main care of your pet you should control the quantity and quality of cat food consumed and avoid overweight.

    Most pet food brands have developed a special version of food for neutered cats with lower calorie levels, which keep their body fat and muscle mass indices balanced.

    Although the coat is abundant, they do not shed excessively, and brushing once a week will suffice to keep it clean and shiny. However, during moulting periods it is recommended to brush more consistently, up to three times a week.

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    animal and from time to time they help me if they find free time. I suffered a serious car accident in 2014 and my life changed drastically in such a way that I was forced to change my life.

    money we have been able to pay for the tests etc of our cats, to be able to have them in conditions and to maintain this web page for all those people who need information to be able to take good care of our cats and then to be able to offer healthy kittens.

    then be able to offer healthy kittens. Everything seems very easy from the outside but I assure you that it is not. It is pure dedication and you have to know how to handle many subjects and once you understand what you are exposed to,

    We lost a lot of money at the beginning because not all British cats are suitable for a breeding program because some of them had both sexes (alpha cat) or because they did not grow enough or because they did not have

    viral diseases but if you want to come to choose your specimen you can come obviously but with a previous appointment please and only people who are really interested and who want to make a breeding program.

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