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Coat hangers are usually a complicated element in any decoration, usually they tend to hinder rather than help and usually say ugly in most homes. Precisely for this reason they are usually hidden behind doors, or in corners of the house, where they will not bother too much, however the duality of the coat racks is that they are also very necessary, especially at the entrance of homes, and is usually one of the main elements in which people are fixed upon arrival at a house. For all these reasons, decorative coat racks are an imperative need in most homes to create a cozy atmosphere.

A decorative coat rack does not necessarily have to be flashy, it can fulfill exactly the same function without attracting attention; the key is that it does not clash with the rest of the elements. We must flee from the traditional wooden or metal coat racks that do little for its simplicity and go for more original and daring decorative coat racks.

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Accessible and decorative for the foyer, this coat rack looks like a work of art at first glance, until you notice that five of the slats are hinged to become hooks for coats, bags and other accessories.

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