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The actress did not hide either and revealed one of the most complicated moments in her life, when she suffered several miscarriages before the arrival of the twins, Ana and Juan. “It was one of the stops I had in my career,” commented the actress, who underwent fertility treatment. “I wanted very much to be a mother,” she stressed.

Recalling several scenes from the series, Lydia Bosch became emotional again after listening to the header of Médico de Familia. “Professionally it was a wonderful experience, but personally they are friends in my soul that I take with me. And that’s the best,” said Lydia Bosch to close the program that ended the season of ‘Mi casa es la tuya’.

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Lorenzo emphasized the statement: “It is one of those things that happens once in a lifetime, because there is a special chemistry with all the people around you and besides, we all evolved a lot, we learned a lot and we grew a lot in that series”.

Luisa Martín recalled an anecdote that today, when she remembers it, still has an impact on her: “One day a junkie came up to me and I was overwhelmed. I was a bit paralyzed and he said to me: ‘Don’t be scared, don’t be scared, aunt. I thank you for the few times I have laughed in my life, but if I had had a Juani in my life, I would not have looked like that”.

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Then they were joined by Francis Lorenzo with whom she recalled the love story they had in the series. At the same time, Bertín asked her about the rumors that pointed to a romance between her and Emilio Aragón, something that she has flatly denied.

Another secret that has also been surprising is one that Luisa Martín has kept to herself until now. They put special effects on me to make it look like I was frying steaks, but that sounded a little weird and I told them that it wasn’t real. I asked them to hook me up to the cooktop and from the second day on, my job was to feed the crew, even though I had to keep the record,” she confessed.