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We are a team of qualified professionals with great educational experience. In addition, a dynamic and stable team, in continuous training to improve the quality of education. We believe in teamwork, based on communication, cooperation and teamwork.

Our Educational Team is composed of a director of the center, an administrative-coordinator and nineteen educators. The service staff consists of a cook, three kitchen assistants, three cleaners and a caretaker.

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Pedagogical innovation, excellent academic results. Educational reference for the high academic and human level achieved by our students, Arturo Soria is a different school, a parents’ cooperative where the participation of families is a reality and the students are the protagonists.

Located in the heart of Madrid, one of its main objectives is to provide its students with a cultural background that allows them easy access to the University, while making their time at school as pleasant as possible. Experienced teaching staff and a strong emphasis on languages.

At Elian’s British School our objective is excellence in English for all our students. This goal goes hand in hand with our desire to foster their self-confidence, their individual talents and their ability to cooperate in an international environment.

Our program is based on active learning. While the students are the protagonists, the motivation, training and dedication of everyone involved in the center has been and continues to be fundamental. We prepare people to grow as responsible and integral individuals.

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Regarding the investigations conducted by the Vatican judiciary into the financial management of the Sistine Chapel Choir, on September 12, the Holy See Press Office issued the following statement:

“With regard to what is being published in the press about some matters concerning the Sistine Chapel Choir, it is confirmed that:  The Holy Father Francis, some months ago, has authorized an investigation into the economic-administrative aspects of the said Choir. The investigation is still in progress”.