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    Canciones para dormir adultos letra

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    Here are seven songs that will help you sleep better. One for each night of the week. You can find all the songs on the most popular platforms such as Youtube, Apple Music or on our Spotify profile.

    The best known song of the American band Family of the year and included in the album Loma Vista (2012). It was released as the second single and the band made it known as a hit on some of the best known shows: Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Conan or The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. It appears in several soundtracks of movies and series such as Girls, Couples Therapy or in the acclaimed Boyhood, nominated for an Oscar in 2014.

    I’m sure you’ve heard this song hundreds of times. It is the promotional single from the album X (2014). After the album’s release, the song debuted at position #26 on the UK Singles Chart. This romantic ballad was described by Ed Sheeran himself as «a song to walk down the aisle to at a wedding».

    This song gives its name to the ninth studio album (1975) by the British band Pink Floyd. Within a slow melody, the lyrics of this song talk about the absence and mental problems suffered by Syd Barrett, former member of the band. At the beginning it received criticism of all kinds, but the reality is that the album Wish you were here occupies the nº209 of the list 500 best albums of the history, elaborated by the Rolling Stone magazine.

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    Also, as they grow up, children’s songs motivate them and can even serve to educate them in values or to promote good behaviors, as is the case of the first children’s bedtime song we have chosen: Pin Pon.

    We finish with a lullaby or nursery rhyme in English that you can sing to your children to start familiarizing them with another language. Of course you also have the Spanish version of this beautiful song adapted with Raggedy Bear on his YouTube channel.

    music to sleep – relax

    This single is not for those who have insomnia due to heartbreak, but for those who are looking for a calm melody, which allows to take thoughts to a level beyond the subconscious. Why stay awake, if you don’t have to?

    If what you like are calm sounds without lyrics to deposit ideas in your brain, then turn to Marconi Union’s composition. You will surely enter a state of mental and physical equilibrium, where your astral trip to the surreal world of Morpheus will be an experience worth remembering forever.

    When you sleep with your partner and need to be pampered, then ask him/her to sing this sweet song in your ear. Its lyrics are beautiful and its melody is perfect for closing your eyes and falling asleep «de cucharita».

    Close your eyes and take a deep breath; imagine you are in the middle of a forest, safe and surrounded by trees and a night sky full of stars. There is no one else, so nature will be the one wishing you good night.

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    …In 1519, when Cortés’ ships were off the coast of Mexico, Alonso Hernández Portocarrero commented to his captain: ‘Taste France, Montesinos, / taste Paris the city, / taste the waters of the Duero / where they go to the sea //’. Verses that belong to the well-known romance of Montesinos, of great popularity at the time. (García Romero and Rubio Hernández, 1987: 262).

    Presumably the travelers preferred ‘profane books’, among which there was fictional literature typical of the time, and at the end of the century [referring to the XVII century], romances and songbooks.

    You do not see that you are the occasion of the very thing you blame; if with unparalleled eagerness you solicit their disdain, why do you want them to do good if you incite them to evil? You fight their resistance and then, with gravity, you say that it was lightness

    His head was large and elongated; his eyes were deep-set and very black; his hands were enormous; his cheekbones protruded and his nose was sharp. He wore a gray trench coat, almost down to his ankles; he protected his bald head from the cold with a plaid cap. He carried a leather briefcase in his hand. And he was certainly not the neighbor on the fifth floor.

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