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    INGRESS MARCH 2022INFORMATIVE DAYSGRADUATE COURSES – 18:30 H23/11 – Faculties of: Economic Sciences / Engineering and Information Technology / Hospitality, Gastronomy and Tourism24/11 – Faculties of: Humanities / Architecture and Urban Planning / Agricultural Sciences25/11 – Faculties of: Law and Social Sciences / Exact and Natural Sciences / Health Sciences / Languages and Foreign Studies2/12 – PRESENT UNIVERSITY TECHNICATURES – 18:30 HPFor all University Technicaturas Presenciales.ASEGURATE A 50% OFF IN THE ENROLLMENT. Check validity.

    From November 2 to 4 will be held the II Conference of Liaison between University and Profession, organized by the Council of Professionals in Economic Sciences of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires, which will bring together authorities and members of the most prestigious universities in the country.

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    Research At the Josep Finestres Foundation we are aware of the importance of research activities in the hospital environment and that is why we encourage participation in research projects in our centers. One of the objectives of the Foundation is to be able to contribute relevant results to the scientific community, translating these results into benefits for society in general.

    Assistance Patient assistance is an intrinsic part of all the centers of the Josep Finestres Foundation. We want the patient to feel welcomed by all our professionals, both clinically and personally, and for this reason we work under the philosophy of research excellence and continuous improvement.

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    This is a question that researchers have been asking for some time. The report from France joins those that have been done in other countries and in all of them a trend is detected that is quite coincident, since they speak of between 4% and 9% of clerics who would have been involved in abusive behavior of minors, depending on the country. The figure for France is slightly below 4%, but not far off.

    We made a request for collaboration in the EEC and also sent a message to the nuncio, but we did not find a positive response. They have not provided us with any information, but we did not plan the study based on a request from them or relying on the EEC. We started from the fact that the existing situation was that there was no interest on their part and we proposed it as an autonomous research project and we have worked with our own means.

    In all the countries where investigations have been carried out, the results show significant percentages of both religious who have committed abuses and people who have suffered them. Can this only be explained by decades of enormous impunity and by a Catholic Church that looked the other way?

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    Mendel was a holder of the prelature of the Imperial and Royal Austrian Order of Emperor Franz Joseph I, director emeritus of the Moravian Mortgage Bank, founder of the Austrian Meteorological Association, member of the Royal and Imperial Moravian and Silesian Society for the Improvement of Agriculture, Natural Sciences, Country Knowledge and gardener (he learned from his father how to graft and cultivate fruit trees).

    When typing phenotypic characteristics (external appearance) of peas he called them «characters». He used the name «element» to refer to separate hereditary entities. His merit lies in realizing that in his experiments (pea varieties) always occurred in variants with simple numerical ratios.

    The «elements» and «characters» have subsequently received many names, but today they are universally known by the term genes, which was suggested in 1909 by the Danish biologist Wilhelm Ludwig Johannsen. And, to be more precise, the different versions of a gene responsible for a particular phenotype are called alleles. Peas whose seeds are green and yellow correspond to different alleles of the gene responsible for seed color.

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