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    St peppers lonely heart club band portada

    St peppers lonely heart club band portada 2021

    sgt pepper’s album cover hidden messages

    Aleister Crowley (1875-1947). Magician, writer, occultist and mountaineer. He had a great influence in the counterculture by a revolutionary free (or rather libertarian) attitude towards life. With an extraordinary charisma that attracted thousands of followers to follow his philosophies, his carefree life was full of bisexualism, use of all kinds of drugs and a phrase that sums up all his beliefs: «do what you want». An ideal slogan for a rock band.

    Mae West (1893-1980). Great actress (and screenwriter) of the classic Hollywood, well known for her self-confidence, independence and some phrases with double meanings and great wit in the style of Oscar Wilde. She had several clashes with censorship, and even ended up in jail for speaking openly about topics such as sex, but the audience never ceased to admire her for her courage and intelligence.

    Lenny Bruce (1925-66) Another example of persecuted freedom. Stand-up comedian harassed by the authorities for «obscenity». Actually his shows had some swear words, but the problem was the extremely satirical themes about sex, religion, politics and society in which no one was left with a head.

    sgt. pepper’s lonely hearts club band album cover controversy

    It’s one thing for an album to appear and embed itself in the culture so deeply that nothing feels the same after its arrival, but what are the odds of the same album having the most iconic cover of all time?

    This was a time when McCartney was becoming increasingly entrenched in making the Beatles’ career decisions, a trend that would continue throughout the rest of their time together. He produced ink drawings of the cover concept and shared them with Blake and his wife, Haworth. «I did a lot of drawings of us being presented before the Mayor,» Paul explained in Barry Miles’ «Many Years From Now,» «with a lot of dignitaries and a lot of our friends around, and it was going to be us in front of a big floral clock, and we were going to appear as a brass band. That evolved and morphed into the Peter Blake cover.»

    Each member of the Beatles was tasked with thinking up a list of men and women from history that they wanted to be added to the great imaginative feast of the album cover. In all there are 57 photos in the collage. Lennon, wanting to be «bold and flashy,» in McCartney’s words, voted for Hitler and Jesus Christ to appear, as well as Gandhi. Sir Joseph Lockwood, head of EMI, vetoed the inclusion of Gandhi, worried that the record would not sell in India. But Aleister Crowley, the occultist and Satanist, managed to get on the list.

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    Each Beatle had been given the task of creating a list of historical women and men they wished to join them at the large imaginary party seen on the album cover. In all, there are 57 photographs in the collage. In McCartney’s words, Lennon wanted to be «bold and brash,» leaving everyone speechless by wanting to include Hitler and Christ, as well as Gandhi. EMI boss Sir Joseph Lockwood vetoed the inclusion of Gandhi, worried that the LP would not sell in India. However, occultist and Satanist Aleister Crowley got in.

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