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    Rock and roll baile caracteristicas

    Basic 6 step rock n roll

    Also known as jive, rock ‘n’ roll is a cool and lively ballroom dance. It has a simple 4 beat rhythm and represents freedom, youthful rebellion. Rock ‘n’ roll is associated with youth culture, cafes, strawberry milkshakes, jukeboxes and crinolines. Within rock ‘n’ roll there are several styles such as stroll where you dance in line, the twist full of style, the acrobatic rock ‘n’ roll full of maromas and gymnastics, and the ceroc (from the French c’est roc) which is more vertical and precise with elements of jazz and tap.

    Rock ‘n’ roll originated from the 1930’s jitterbug performed in Europe by the big swing bands.    The birth of rock ‘n’ roll is in 1950 when Bill Haley and the Comets released a song called «Rock Around the Clock.» Young people danced to it using the jitterbug and other steps they used to dance the blues.

    Among the rock ‘n’ roll groups of those times were Bill Haley, Chuck Berry, Ritchie Valens, Jerry Lee Lewis, Little Richard, Chubby Checker and the mythical Elvis Presley. In Mexico, Enrique Guzmán and the Teen Tops were popular.

    4 step rock and roll moves

    Bop. It comes from jitterbug and East Coast swing. The term bop comes from be-bop, those jazzy songs of the 40’s, but it is not danced to the rhythm of be-bop, but much faster. Bop used many of the movements of swing. The components of the dance couple move around each other and almost without touching. Bop is a carefree dance, like a nervous Charleston. With movements and an independent dance style it also encouraged dancers to dance alone. English dance clubs were, and are, full of people dancing the bop.  Video In streetswing

    The stroll. It is a choreographed line dance of medium tempo songs, where most of the participants are women. Although originally two rows were formed, one of men in front of the other of women, and the couple at the end danced through the middle of the two rows, going the distance of the row to get to the beginning. Video.  At the big rockabilly festivals, between group changes on the main stage, or on the deejays’ dance floor, the stroll is sometimes danced Video. Some say that the rockabilly stroll, also called sex kitten stroll, is a dance only for women, which is made for them to show off. Then the men would go out and dance the jive with them Video. Learn the stroll on lovetoknow

    How to dance rock and roll

    Since the most primitive times man has used dance to express himself and communicate. This will suffer a great boom with the arrival of the Hellenic civilization because the Greek theaters allowed the staging of the most varied choreographies.

    With the arrival of the Roman Empire, dance definitively assumed its representative character and circuses were the perfect setting to develop choreographies of a complexity never seen before.

    Dance will then follow two independent lines of development. On the one hand there will be the «aristocratic» style, based on row dances and strict dispositions of dancers and couples. On the other hand, a «popular» style will be created, where couples will dance in a more or less anarchic way. With the beginning of the 16th century, Europe will live an authentic cultural revolution: the Renaissance. In 1559 a dance with a ¾ rhythm called Volta appeared.

    In the royal courts of Europe it is not seen with good eyes and Louis XIII declares it immoral because the dancers are in physical contact. In the monarchy the most important dance is the minuet, a direct descendant of the «aristocratic» dances. In the 18th century the Waltzen appears in Germany and any connection between this dance and the Volta is disguised, only that the word Waltzen means to turn in German. Even though it was censored, it reached great popularity in Vienna.

    Meaning of rock and roll

    And is that becoming a dancer is not exactly easy, because like any other job related to art and culture is usually surrounded by a lot of competitiveness, precariousness and sacrifice. One thing is that we like to dance, we enjoy moving to the beat of a song, having fun with our friends and giving it all on the tracks of the bowling alleys. But to dedicate oneself professionally to dance requires an absolute implication that, in many cases, becomes almost impossible, especially for young people who must leave behind many things to achieve it. Even so, if dancing is your true passion and you are clear that you want to dedicate yourself to it and make it your way of life, here we are going to give you some tips on how to get it, on what kind of studies you should do to be as well prepared as possible to face such a big challenge.

    Are you one of the many guitarists who struggle with the coordination of your hands and voice? Let’s see, you can play the song. You can sing the song. But it all goes to shit when you try to do both simultaneously.

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