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The chat in which the sniper participated was not exclusive to VOX; It was open and included right-wing and ultra-right sympathizersBut undoubtedly, the confirmation that there was a firm will on the part of the current President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, to remove Franco from the Valley of the Fallen, is the reason that activates the security guard Manuel Murillo to seek allies on all fronts, mainly in the bars frequented by policemen near his home in Doctor Pearson street in Terrassa, as in the meetings of the party with which he sympathized, and in the ultra Whatsapp group of which he was a member.

Precisely, Azov Battalion has the character of an armed paramilitary organization and since 2014 has been integrated as an intervention unit of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine. In fact, officers of the Israeli army instruct them in the handling of weapons and the expenses generated by this unit, composed of 800 men, are covered by the Ukrainian oligarch with Cypriot and Israeli passports Igor Kolomoisky, at the time owner of the country’s electricity network.

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One of them is Marc Anton Pons, one of the leaders of the citizen patrols that act under the name of Salvalona and that counts among its promoters Alberto ‘Tito’ Álvarez, spokesman of Elite Taxi Barcelona and who led the protests of the sector last spring. Pons, a boxer, also stands out for being the director of the security company Premiere Services.

Finally, the fourth administrator calls herself Cristina López Márquez and, although it has not been possible to identify her affiliation to any organization, her profile picture, like Pérez Molina, bears the Nazi rune Wolfsangel.

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In addition, he insists that VOX, PP and Cs “must commit themselves in that pre-electoral agreement to dissolve the 3 autonomic parliaments immediately, and the total and indefinite intervention of the 3 autonomic communities immediately post-electoral”, he points out.

Last Saturday, February 9, 2019, the political party “Frente Nacional Identitario” had called a demonstration in Santa Coloma de Gramanet, where sympathizers of this formation cried out against the municipal management of the socialist mayor Nuria Parlón Gil, in aspects referred to the increase of “crime, squatters, housing prices, and denounce the swindles committed by the city council against its citizens”.

Given that, since then, there have always existed entities and collectives of fascist character that, fortunately, now only represent a very minority part of society, as well as characters that try to revise history to make up the military coup of July 18, 1936 and the dictatorship that resulted, in line with the revisionism and denialism promoted by the European ultra-right on the barbarism that represented fascism, Nazism and the Holocaust.