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The best phrases for bad friends. Relationships are not always eternal and friendship is no exception. With the passage of time people can surprise you by not being what you expected. Find a phrase to dedicate to those who said they were friends.

Thanks to those who have failed me again and again, to those who speak without knowing, to those who are friends and are not, to those who speak ill of me behind my back and then smile in my face, to those who have lied to me, to those who have broken their promises … Thanks to you today I am STRONGER!!!!

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Undoubtedly, after a betrayal, disappointment is automatically triggered. We realize that things will not go back to the way they were before, because someone we trusted has turned out to be completely different from the way you thought. These are difficult moments that are hard to accept, but you have to overcome the initial anger to move forward; as the saying goes “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”, these are the phrases of betrayal and disappointment that we propose so that you feel understood and can get up as soon as possible.

Betrayal is a difficult evil to express, because it is not visible to the naked eye. However, those who have had to face a betrayal know that the scar it leaves on the heart is deep and sometimes irreparable. If you want to discover similar phrases to express your feelings, we recommend you to visit this article of Phrases of sadness, loneliness and disappointment.

This is one of our favorite friendship betrayal phrases, because instead of focusing on the pain of betrayal and giving prominence to false friendships, it reminds us that after a betrayal it is best to love those who are still by our side with more strength than ever.Below, we show you more Phrases of false friendship that will touch your soul.

Letter to a friend who disappointed me

Friendship is not a simple word, friendship is an expression of love, of mutual support, of sharing goals, of good wishes, it is the one that gives us the necessary strength in difficult moments, the one that motivates us to be better people every day.

Sometimes we expect too much from other people, just because we would be willing to do much more for them, this is a sign of friendship, but when it is betrayed it causes great disappointment and incomparable pain.

Do not be afraid of the enemy that attacks you, you should be afraid of the false friend that embraces you, this is very true, because definitely what others do against you should not matter so much to you because in the end they do not affect you as much as what your friend does against you, that does cause immense pain, betrayal in friendship is the cause of its painful rupture.

Friendship is so wonderful that it is able to forgive everything, and overlook many things, but something that friendship does not forgive is betrayal, you can do many bad things to a friend and he will forgive them but not betray him, that is something difficult to forgive, and something that should not be done because this will definitely break that great friendship no matter how long it has been built or the beautiful moments spent between friends.

Phrases of betrayal and disappointment

For those treacherous or compromised friends, for them you can dedicate Bad Friends Phrases.Remember that a true friend must always be sincere and have a deep love for the other and for himself.

Throughout life you will realize that you will meet a lot of masks and very few faces.Messages for bad friendsIt is said that a friendship is nothing more than that relationship in which two or more individuals share their lives, being able to be totally different, opposites or very similar in other cases.Change there will be others who only pretended to be, and end up being false. You will be able to understand that when you read some of the following Bad Friend Phrases.Sayings for bad friends: Be careful who you trust.

It is always necessary to be able to count on the support of a person who ends up becoming a brother who gives us the gift of life.We must know how to be for them in the same way, this is a process of give and take. Nowadays we see how difficult it is to captivate and keep a good, true and sincere friendship.Image of ungrateful people: My back is not a voicemail. If you have something to say to me, have what it takes and say it to my face.