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Through bio-healthy design and toxic-free construction, the organic market El Huerto de Lucas is designed to promote health and wellness through the five senses. Because we are what we eat but also what we touch, smell, see and hear, a space built for people who take care of themselves and their environment. Where the life cycle of nature can find a niche in the middle of the big city, through recycling, composting, water collection and purification, solar collection, and sustainable construction strategies.

Restaurant el huerto| cabo san lucas

Imagine that in the heart of the Chueca neighborhood, suddenly an immense urban orchard blooms out of nowhere. A square with a food market where you can breathe fresh air. An oasis surrounded by vegetation with 450 square meters dedicated to food and with exquisite care for the environment. A bakery, a delicatessen, a butcher’s shop, a fruit and vegetable stall, a sprouts and juices stall, a coffee and tea stall and even a cosmetics and beauty center. An ecological restaurant with 100% organic products. A vertical garden. And all in one. Well, that is precisely what El Huerto de Lucas is. An organic food market where each of its stalls has been carefully selected, a canteen where you can eat and at the same time a space where you can simply enjoy yourself.

Because this market has everything, and everything, precisely, revolves around one word, organic. A bakery, where Harina specialists participate with a new version of their products, completely natural in the creation of breads or pastries and where, in addition, flours or seeds with organic certification are sold in large formats by weight so that you can make cookies or cookies at home in your own house.

Empieza la fiesta

Aunque Los Cabos se ha ganado una merecida reputación como destino gourmet, la escena culinaria sigue evolucionando con nuevas y excitantes ofertas para tentar a los amantes de la comida más experimentados. El énfasis en la comida de la granja a la mesa ha cobrado protagonismo (piense en célebres favoritos locales como Flora Farms, stylish Acre y el clásico Tamarindos). El Huerto, en Cabo San Lucas, se une a la escena gastronómica de las granjas orgánicas.

Inspirado en los vibrantes sabores de Baja California, El Huerto ofrece la mezcla de un ambiente inolvidable y platos hábilmente preparados, junto con una amplia carta de cócteles. Con un menú que se despliega con el cambio de las estaciones, puede saborear coloridas ensaladas, mariscos a la parrilla, deliciosas pastas, risotto y mucho más.

Los comensales describen el ambiente de El Huerto como “mágico”, y es fácil ver por qué. El elegante restaurante combina toques románticos de hacienda con una arquitectura moderna y elegante, todo ello acompañado de un servicio excepcional para una experiencia gastronómica memorable.

Earthy children

I’m tired of hearing that crisis in Chinese means opportunity. But sometimes it’s true that facing problems with courage and creativity can lead to successful solutions. Like El Huerto de Lucas. This organic food market and restaurant in the middle of Chueca is a luminous refuge, a secret hideaway where chemistry is not even allowed. Everything is organic, pesticide-free and environmentally friendly. And with people.

Arrival at the door on San Lucas Street does not alert you to what is cooking inside. The first thing is the self-service, with more than 500 references of all basic products, such as jams, dairy products, oils, chocolate, breads, pastries, canned food, beverages or cereals. They also have a bulk purchase area, with more than 30 dispensers with rice, vegetables, cereals, spices, flours and infusions so that their purchase involves less waste generation.

The peace you breathe in this courtyard is priceless. It seems that you enter another world, that you are no longer in Madrid, with its hustle and bustle and its chores. Go, to have a wine, to buy, to eat, to enjoy. It is designed for that.