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Avenida del Hospicio is established in Granada. Within this categorization, it depends on the province of Granada. As this is an area of the municipality, it can be usual to find recreational and leisure places. It is quite sensible to think that from here, we can find a wide variety of places to see and enjoy. How to get to Avenida del Hospicio If we need to get to this urban road in any case we must indicate the point of origin and destination. (Click on the “How to get there” button on the map.)Where is Avenida del Hospicio?with the information we have, we should calculate the surrounding streets and roads. For example, Avenida Don Bosco and Avenida El Florio, as it could not be otherwise, in any case it is part of Granada. If you finally go, you can not miss Avenida Federico Garcia Lorca, it will surely fascinate you. Places near Avenida del Hospicio

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Granada, es la capital de la provincia de Granada, en la comunidad autónoma de Andalucía, España. Granada está situada al pie de Sierra Nevada, en la confluencia de cuatro ríos, el Darro, el Genil, el Monachil y el Beiro. Se encuentra a una altura media sobre el nivel del mar, pero está a sólo una hora en coche de la costa mediterránea, la Costa Tropical. Muy cerca se encuentra la Estación de Esquí de Sierra Nevada, donde se celebraron los Campeonatos del Mundo de Esquí Alpino de la FIS de 1996.

¿Quieres saber cómo viajar a Av. del Hospicio, 1, 18012 Granada, España? Hemos reunido una lista de las preguntas más frecuentes de nuestros usuarios como: ¿Cuál es el medio de transporte más barato?, ¿Cuál es la opción más rápida?, ¿Cuánto suelen costar los billetes? y muchas más.

beiro district (la cruz, los pajaritos, plaza toros, doctores, doctors, etc.).

In 1961, the Royal Hospital was bought by the Ministry of National Education and its state of conservation was very poor. From that moment on, the General Directorate of Fine Arts commissioned the restoration work to the architect Francisco Prieto Moreno, doubting whether to use it to house samples of tapestries of the National Heritage or to dedicate it to university facilities. The University[5] then made a proposal to house the University Library, but it was to be used as a museum and exhibition hall.

It is an eclectic work, where Gothic, Renaissance and Mudejar elements are mixed, in which the most important artists of the time intervened: Enrique Egas, who is believed to be the architect of the project, Pedro Machuca, Diego de Siloé, among others.

Egas repeats the scheme of the Hospital de Santa Cruz, taking as a model the Hospital Mayor of Milan, a work of Filarete copied throughout Europe from the sixteenth century. The building has a Greek cross plan inscribed in a square, in whose angles there are four symmetrical patios, rising in the transept a dome. In elevation it has two floors, but in the southwest corner rises another third floor, open to the outside with balconies known as the Convalescent Room, facing the Triumphal Gardens.

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The Centro de Lenguas Modernas de la Universidad de Granada is located in the center of the city of Granada, in the central and traditional neighborhood of “El Realejo” and just a few minutes walk from the City Hall and the Nasrid palace of the Alhambra.

The CLM has two headquarters, located just 7 minutes walking distance from each other. The main building is located in the former Palace of Santa Cruz (16th century), whose restoration for teaching purposes was completed in 1992. The second campus is located in the building of the former Hotel Kenia, which was adapted for teaching purposes in 2005.